CONOWINGO LAKE - Susquehanna River

Lock 15 on the SUSQUEHANNA RIVER, Upper Conowingo Lake section, is another scenic favorite.

This is my favorite summer paddle, or anytime the river flow is low. Visit a Historic Lock on the Susquehanna-Tidewater Canal. Paddle around many Islands with interesting rock formations, carved by rushing water over years of time. The Islands are close together with no long open water crossings. River water is fresh and clean, some paddlers like to stop and swim on hot days! Each island is different and the scenery changes as we paddle around from island to island. At least one paddler has remarked "It looks like Alaska".

There is more paddling here for most to do in one day, and it can be broken down into several trips. An alternate paddle takes you to Muddy Creek for an even different view of the area.


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